Who We Are

I'm Erin, a native Portlander, and the other two are Howie and Penny.  The three of us, and a couple more along the way, have been running the Decal Farm since 2009.  It started as a small venture at the time and we weren't sure where it was going to go.  Since we started it has grown beyond our imaginations, having to move out of our original 8' x 10' home office into a large creative space in Portland's Central Eastside Industrial District.

When we are not working at the farm, we love spending time out and about around Oregon in the great outdoors, biking, sewing, knitting, woodworking, reading, and doing anything creative! Thanks so much for visiting our shop!



We are always trying to think of new products to offer our customers, and we have an additional site as well. Click on the logo below to check out our other site, Farm House Woodcraft!!!